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Add Meaning to Your Messaging

Brand authenticity is more important now more than ever. But how do you convey your essence to your audiences? In a world that is increasingly grasping for meaning, be a beacon by clearly projecting what you stand for.


Brand strategy is an exercise in why you are in business. Identify your why—it becomes the foundation of your mission, positioning, and value proposition.


Be direct about who you are and what your brand stands behind in everything you do, including your tagline, mission statement, positioning messaging and through online interactions and marketing materials.


Through 2030, Mintel said buying behavior will be driven by both information and emotion. You need to understand your market and your clients intimately. Conduct polls to find out what drives their needs, motivations, and decisions during the purchasing process.


Use solid data to support your claims and talking points for authenticity. Be sure to utilize research to get the facts and figures you need.


Be succinct. Try to say as much as possible in a short format and support your messaging with 3 proof points.


According to the SCORE Association, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a business that gives to charity, and 90% want to know how this giving is done. Spread the good news to your audiences!


Giving is not only good for your business, it boosts company morale. In fact, 93% of employees who volunteer with their employer report they are happy with their company, SCORE Association said. And happy workers are more engaged and productive.

Pro Tip:

The only constant in B2B business is change. Customers now expect companies to not only be holistic beings, not just revenue and product generators, but also positive contributors to society. Don’t skip this step in sharing your messaging to the outside world.

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