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Marketing helps build and sustain customer relationships. Here’s how to execute a successful marketing plan.

A Marketing Communication Plan is critical for manufacturers/distributors to succeed in a competitive environment. The plan is a roadmap to help you communicate your value and build trust with your audiences--to tell brands how you can solve their challenges and deliver the expertise and products they need for creating their formulations. Once you’ve done your analysis and research (see Part 1 for helpful tips), it’s time to deploy the plan—execute, evaluate, and revise based on the results.

Here are 5 tips from TMC Integrated Marketing that impact the success of your marketing plan:


To keep up with quickly evolving marketing technology and digital platforms, be sure to educate yourself in the latest tools and trends so you can incorporate that into your plan. Or partner up with experts who live and breathe the technology and can help you get the most out of the budget.


Unless you have a content team, creating an abundance of material can be challenging. Don’t resort to repurposed content. Instead, create less but ensure the content you create is meaningful to your audiences and can convince them that you understand their unique needs and are singularly able to deliver on their expectations. Purposeful content can boost your marketing success and deliver 3X more leads.


Evaluate what mix of traditional and digital communication tools to use and when, to reach the right targets at the right times. You need to balance long term awareness with short term sales activation using tactics appropriate for the situation.


Data is useful, but don’t waste your time. Learn how to track and interpret the meaningful metrics that will help you accomplish your objectives.


Fine-tune your brand positioning and become a laser-focused communicator—these together will build trust and reputation with customers and prospects through your marketing communications.

Pro Tip:

"Work to create an authentic brand that’s based on a solid foundation of values and ethics, and then communicate why that matters to your audiences. True authenticity helps you connect with your audiences to build confidence and trust in your company and products."

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