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Now is the time to utilize marketing to fuel growth. Here’s how to create an effective marketing plan.

The specialty and chemical ingredient industry is competitive. Manufacturers and distributors must respond to brands quickly to address the ever-changing desires of consumers.

By 2030, Mitel predicts consumers in the Personal Care Market will dictate exactly what products they want from companies and in the Food industry, consumers will become more aware of the environmental and ethical impacts of their diets.

To help brands make the products consumers want, manufacturers/distributors must effectively communicate their position in the marketplace and show how they solve brands’ challenges. A strategic, detailed Marketing Communication Plan is critical to building your value and differentiating your company, and studies show that maintaining marketing initiatives during an economic downturn enables companies to seize market share from competitors.

Here are 5 tips from TMC Integrated Marketing for creating an effective marketing plan that can positively impact sales and growth.


A well-developed communication plan balances brand awareness with sales activation, which position a company for today and tomorrow. This breaks down into understanding the public’s awareness of your brand now, positioning the brand for future growth, and generating sales leads on the products and ingredients you sell.


External marketing research is key to gaining insight about your brand and helps you pivot or respond. Customers, influencers, prospects…they all have a lot to say and you should listen.


Dig deep to understand your competitors’ products, operations, pricing and how they communicate and market themselves against you.


Think about the buying journey of your audiences. How do they learn about your brand? How do they interact with your company? How are you relevant to their needs? Add that to the plan and communicate your value at every touchpoint.


Marketing departments are now expected to deliver ROI. Have a strategy in place to create synergies with your sales and product development teams. They offer valuable insight to incorporate into your plan.

Pro Tip:

"It's amazing what information and data comes from customers, prospects, and influencers that can impact your marketing approach."

TMC Integrated Marketing is the premier marketing agency devoted to the marketing needs of the chemical and specialty ingredient industry. We help manufacturers and distributors market their ingredients to brands worldwide. Our expertise spans across 8 sectors, including food, pharma & life sciences, paints & coatings, beauty & personal care, agriculture, oil and gas, water treatment and HI&I. We focus on innovator companies who lead the way in creating ingredients for today’s demanding consumers.